Ask our Physio: I was coughing a lot when I had the flu, why did it hurt my back?

Jason Holden (Senior Physiotherapist) said: Our ribs attach to the mid part of our spine, known as the thoracic spine. We also have muscles in between our ribs that help us to cough. Sometimes excessive coughing can cause us to strain these joints and / or muscles and that can be very painful indeed. Hugging a pillow when you cough is one […]

What is cadence and what cadence should I be aiming for when I run?

Since the widespread use of exercise trackers and activity monitors, for example Fitbits and Garmins, the term cadence is being used more and more by runners. Most running watches will now give you data on your cadence across your run. But what is cadence and why is it important? Quite simply, cadence is the number of times your feet contact […]

Is it really a headache or a pain-in-the-neck?

That Nagging Headache Could be coming from your Neck

In an increasingly busy and tech focused world, headaches are something that people often think they need to live with. While there may be a specific medical diagnosis that can account for the presence of a headache, sometimes the neck is the culprit.

What causes neck related headaches?

The cervical spine, also known as […]

Women in Football: Why do women have higher incidents of injury compared to men.

With the AFL men’s finals now upon us it won’t be long ‘til the footy mad are thinking about the next footy season, AFLW 2018. The inaugural AFLW season was a raging success, and it’s clear it’s here to stay, with expansion on the horizon. We have had an influx of girls and women who are playing footy in the […]

Ever wondered why massage is good for you especially after exercising?

When completing an exercise, increased loads and forces are applied to certain muscle groups.  When increasing the amount of times you exercise, these muscles can become overloaded, stiff and at times, present with a delayed onset of muscle soreness (DOMS). During these occasions, massage makes a difference.

Massage treatments are proven to assist with the reduction in DOMS, help with the recovery […]

Low Back Pain? Join the ever expanding club…

If you have suffered low back pain you are not alone. In fact you are in the minority of people if you never experience this often frustrating condition. However, fear not. There are some simple tricks of the trade to help you manage your condition.

Get Moving
There are many different approaches to treating low back pain and all have differing evidence […]

What surface should I run on?

Many people believe that they should run on soft surfaces, such as grass, to lower the forces on their joints and therefore make running more comfortable and lengthen their running career. However, this isn’t entirely backed up by the research. Some studies have actually shown higher joint forces when running on grass and other softer surfaces, and lower joint forces […]

Marathon Packages








Are you training for a marathon or a keen runner? Take advantage of our Marathon Packages*, designed to offer a complete solution for preventing or managing running injuries.

Gold Medal Package $700 (valued at $1000)

1 x Running Analysis
1 x Sports Podiatry (feet, orthotics and shoe screen)
2 x Running Conditioning Sessions
4 x 1 hr Sports/Remedial Massage
1 x […]

Should I complete resistance training while preparing for a marathon?

While marathon running is primarily about endurance and your body’s ability to manage with the training and competition load, having strength and stability through your trunk and legs is just as important. As you fatigue through a run, it is important to maintain running technique and resistance training will help you achieve this. Strength training will also help you run […]

Catching all the colds going around?

Are you sleeping well? Is work stressful?

If not, we are here to help!

Massage Therapy is a natural Therapy with a number of Mental, Physical & Emotional Benefits

Mental Benefits

Promotes better Sleep
Improves Productivity
Decreases Stress

Emotional Benefits

Enhances self-image
Reduces anxiety
Helps you relax
Provides a feeling of well being

Physical Benefits

Increased flexibility and mobility
Improving Blood Circulation
Reducing stiffness in […]