Low Back Pain? Join the ever expanding club…

Low Back Pain? Join the ever expanding club…

swimming for back painIf you have suffered low back pain you are not alone. In fact you are in the minority of people if you never experience this often frustrating condition. However, fear not. There are some simple tricks of the trade to help you manage your condition.

Get Moving
There are many different approaches to treating low back pain and all have differing evidence supporting their efficacy. However one thing is clear. Returning to your usual activities in a timely manner in integral and a core recommendation listed by international best practice guidelines.

So what sort of activity do I need?
I am often asked “should I swim, I hear it is good?” While it is true that swimming may help general mobility and fitness, for some people it will actually exacerbate the condition. Pick an activity you actually like doing. For some people this is a group class for others it is a walk in the park to get some fresh air.

What can physiotherapy offer?
Physiotherapists are trained in assessing how your movement patterns may be contributing to your pain. They may provide targeted hands on therapy to assist in the correction of these patterns and provide graded exercises to assist you to get back to your favourite activities. We are here to help!

Note: These guidelines are intended as a guide only and do not take into consideration individual medical conditions, medication use or past history. If in doubt see your physiotherapist or doctor!

Jason Holden
PhD Candidate