Clinical Pilates

What is Clinical Pilates?

Clinical Pilates is a unique form of exercise developed by Australian Physiotherapists and utilises a clinical approach to the traditional form of Pilates. Clinical Pilates focuses specifically on muscle control, enabling the user to gain stability, strength AND flexibility.

Clinical Pilates is more than just “core strengthening”. It is system that integrates whole body movements and patterns to maintain, strengthen or restore optimal alignment.
Results include:

  • improved posture and muscle tone
  • greater flexibility and balance
  • treatment or prevention of injuries and spinal pain
  • improved performance with in sporting activities
  • improved energy levels

How does Clinical Pilates work?

Imagine a skyscraper without a solid foundation…

Core stability is your body’s foundation, and poor core stability is a major contributor to injury and common problems such as backache. Our bodies have layers of muscles, from superficial to deep. Conventional strength exercising predominantly works the superficial muscles, often overlooking the deeper ones. Clinical Pilates addresses this imbalance and builds the foundation we need by targeting the deep stabilisers of the body.

Tensegrity refers to a structure with rods or struts and cables connecting them. There is continuous compression and tension, regulated throughout the system to provide superior strength and stability. We view the body as a tensegrity structure, with bones, muscles, fascia and connective tissue acting as a whole. Clinical Pilates is a practical way of re-balancing the tension and compression to ensure the body is both strong, flexible AND stable.

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