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Our Physiotherapists are experts in all musculoskeletal problems. A consultation will involve:

  •  Observing and assessing your movement and your overall physical condition
  •  Analysing and identifying your problems
  • Developing a treatment program with you (and your family or carers) and, where appropriate, other members of the health care team
  • Managing the treatment or training program based on your jointly agreed goals
  • Evaluating progress, modifying treatment if necessary, and offering long term solutions to ensure you keep moving well

Specifically at BSPC, our Physiotherapists believe:

  • A “hands on” approach is fundamental to understanding and treating the body
  • Not all therapists are created equal – we have a passion for further learning and are constantly exploring new and current treatments, philosophy and science
  • Exercise is fundamental to optimal health and we are experts in how the body moves

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