How ?  Whole Body Vibration Training!

Whole Body Vibration training comes from years of research by Nasa and the European Space Agency. These agencies have been researching and using this technology  to strengthen and prepare astronauts for space and for the restoration of  health once they return to earth.

What do astronauts suffer from when they are in space? A lack of gravity! When the body is exposed to low gravity ( this can also been seen in people who have prolonged bed rest for illness/injury ) muscle mass reduces, bone density decreases and the cardiovascular system also weakens.

This all occurs because the body literally doesn’t have to hold itself upright against the force of gravity. Gravity is a force that pulls you down to earth. It is the exposure to gravity that makes your body stand up and strengthen up.

Whole Body Vibration training is performed on a vibrating platform that increases the force of gravity on the body.  This is also known as a ” Hyper-gravity” environment. The body reflexively responds to this increase in gravity by strengthening up .

Muscles become strongerbones become denser and the cardiovascular system gets stronger to pump more blood around the body.

You may have seen our vibrating platforms, one up in the Movement Solutions studio and one in the downstairs gym.  We incorporate this technology within our movement solutions classes.

You can also book a session with us to teach you the use of this technology and its application to your specific requirements.  If it is appropriate to your needs and you have undergone assessment and  instruction you may access our downstairs model prior to or following your group exercise sessions.

Whole Body Vibration is an excellent way to enhance your  movement goals.