Our Mission

“We believe everyone deserves to be treated like an athlete.”

At BSPC, we strive to achieve absolute customer satisfaction and optimal patient outcomes via:

  • Listening and understanding patients’ values
  • Employing Therapists with clinical expertise
  • Utilising the latest research evidence



We all know athletes strive for perfection, demand the best and are driven to reach their goals.  In doing so, they require cutting edge technology and techniques, access to the latest research and clinicians that understand their needs.


Why should you have access to the same level of care?


All goals are different.  Some run marathons, some walk around the block.  Each are unique and important, and BSPC is dedicated to reaching yours.


“We believe everyone deserves to be treated like an athlete”

Our Values

  1. Be Passionate
  2. Be Professional
  3. Practice What We Preach
  4. Constant Improvement
  5. Respect

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