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This is a guide for physiotherapists and patients who have undergone Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) reconstruction surgery. The protocol has five progressive phases using evidence based rehabilitation goals and defined criteria.

The ACL is one of the ligaments within your knee joint. Its role is to provide stability to the knee in both a straight position and in rotational movements. If ruptured, the ligament can be surgically reconstructed, usually using tissue from your hamstrings or patella tendon.

At Balwyn Sports & Physiotherapy Centre we provide a comprehensive rehabilitation pathway which will get you back to sport in the best possible shape, when you are ready to return. Our physios are experts in sports rehabilitation and will guide you through the entire process. We also have access to gym facilities to complete your testing and take you through any gym based exercises that are required.

To view a copy of our ACL Rehabilitation Guide – please click here: ACL Protocol BSPC version June 2017

“We would like to acknowledge the work of Randall Cooper, Physiotherapist, for his contribution. More on Randall can be found at“.

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