Golf Assessment

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Golf can be an incredibly frustrating sport, yet at that same time we keep going back from more. Countless hours practising our swings, aiming for perfection each and every time.

What about the body? Could your body be preventing the perfect swing?

The Physiotherapists at BSPC understand the necessary mechanics required for golf. It is more than just adequate rotation.
We believe that:

  •  Every golfer’s swing is unique…
  •  Just like every person’s body is unique…

Looking at the body as a whole, from head to toe, from hips to wrists gives us an insight into how the individual moves. The golf club becomes an extension of this integration.

What we do:

  • Assess
    – The entire body, focussing on areas required for optimal swing mechanics
  • Restore
    – Using manual, hands-on skills, we restore all available mobility
  • Maintain
    – Exercises to maintain gains and alignment. Golf specific strength programs to keep you moving well
  • Connect
    – You with a network of golf pro’s for swing analysis and technique as required

We are body specialists, but not swing coaches. We believe we are experts at fixing the body and would rather work with one of our network of recommended golf pro’s or refer back to your local pro to advise on club selection and swing changes.

Australian Physiotherapy Association
Sports Medicine Australia
Podiatry Board of Australia
Myotherapy Association Australia

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