More Power, More Freedom and More fun

The Ultimate Cycling Series is a course of videos/tutorials that equip all levels of cyclists, from amateur to serious, with a complete guide to cycling pain-free, with more power, more freedom and more fun.

Are you looking to….

  • Gain greater enjoyment from your cycling
  • Ride with more comfort
  • Prevent injuries
  • Ensure your bike setup is optimal
  • Improve power, strength and flexibility
  • Educate yourself with scientifically backed advice, presented by cycling expert Physiotherapist

Ultimate Cycling Series

Who is it for?

Any cyclist looking to treat their own injuries, prevent injury, get more comfortable on their bike and ride faster with more ease. This course will suit all road cyclists and much of the content is still relevant for mountain-bikers.

What is Involved?

  • A 12 part series of video tutorials
  • Learn about body mechanics and cycling mechanics
  • Follow along, done-for-you strength class including:
  • Strength for cycling
  • Stretching for cycling
  • Pilates for cycling
  • Learn how to position your shoes and cleats for optimal power and function
  • Get your seat in the right position

Learn from the best in their field. Andrew is one of the most experienced bike setup consultant Physiotherapists in Australia and has over 20 years of professional knowledge to share. Joe McCormack is also an APA Titled Sport and Exercise Physiotherapist and is professional cyclist, Richie Porte’s personal Physiotherapist. He has worked at the Tour de France and knows exactly what it takes to be one fo the best in the world. Both Joe and Andrew are experienced athletes and they combine to bring you the Ultimate Cycling Series.

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