Virtual Classes in the comfort of YOUR own HOME!

Going on holidays? Working long hours? …

Don’t worry… We’ve got you COVERED.

Thanks to technology developed during COVID, working out and staying strong no longer requires you to miss out over summer holidays or commute into the studio when you are out of Melbourne. Here are 10 Pilates Mat focused exercise classes to help you improve your flexibility, balance and strength, all from the comfort of your home, wherever that may be!

Classes range from some serious glute exercises that are aesthetically appealing but also beneficial for your spine health, to stretching and lengthening to alleviate pain, focusing on your joint health, balancing or staying in good condition.  Ideal for beginners and the more experienced with variations and modifications to adjust to your needs.

Virtual Pilates Videos

It doesn’t matter who you are, the benefits of doing Pilates everyday is virtually endless. Pilates is designed to strengthen your core, arms, back and legs so it also helps improve your sports performance or function as an excellent cross training method.

These educational classes are also great for increasing your focus and concentration as most of the exercises are designed to make you concentrate on your form, your breathing and the way in which separate parts of the body work in unison.

Virtual Pilates Videos

Why Virtual Pilates?

  • All classes instructed by a Physiotherapist
  • Modifications and progression options
  • Focus on Spinal and joint mobility
  • Strengthens and tones
  • Improves Core strength
  • Easy to use in the comfort of your own home
  • Cost Effective

Unlimited views of your favourite classes. Stay Strong…. Anytime… Anywhere…. for the cost of less than a cup of coffee.

Virtual Pilates Pack 1 – Flexibility Balance & Strength

Pack includes:

  • 3 different Therapists – Dana, Alex, Thea
  • 2 x Mat Plus classes (includes foam roller, hand weights, sliders)
  • 4 x Mat classes
  • 2 x Foam Roller Classes
  • 1 x Swiss Ball Class
  • 1 x Balance Class
Buy Virtual Pilates Pack 1 $39.95

Virtual Pilates Pack 2 – Body Care

The Body Care package focus is on calming your nervous system through breathing strategies, stretching and “moving meditation”- aligning your body and mind through movement.

Pack includes:

  • 4 different Therapists – Dana, Richie, Mel, Thea & Joe
  • 3 x Mat Mobility classes
  • 1 x Mat Plus
  • 1 x Working From Home Release
  • 1 x Head, Neck & Shoulder Care
  • 2 x Balance and Bone Strength
  • 1 x Body Weight Strengthening
  • 1 x Balance Three Ways (with special guest, Andrew!)
Buy Virtual Pilates Pack 2 $39.95

Virtual Pilates Pack 3 – Foam Roller

Pack 3 will ensure you reap the benefits of your foam roller!

Each class takes you through the foundation foam roller exercises to mobilise the spine, shoulders and hip joints, release tight muscles all while strengthening the glutes, abdominals and balance.

Pack includes:

  • 5 different Therapists (Dana, Alex, Richie, Mel and Thea)
  • 10 x foam roller specific classes
  • Each class has variations to challenge the body in different ways and keep it interesting.
Buy Virtual Pilates Pack 3 $39.95

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