Please take this 10 x 10 series to start moving in a small way, find your way back to a small movement routine, without pressure or expectations to push hard.

Little by little the movement and exercise will do its magic and help you feel and move better.

You can run through the “10 x 10” as often as you like, just press rewind and repeat… sets 1, 2, 3 or 4 – it’s up to you!!









Please Note the following precautions while carrying out the classes:

  • Listen to your own body
  • Don’t push into any range of motion that doesn’t feel good
  • Don’t push into pain

Options if an exercise doesn’t feel good for you:

  • Choose to rest and deep breath
  • Continue with the previous exercise that did feel good
  • Choose to substitute in your own stretch that does work for your body


Next week we will be offering the following FREE Live classes:

Wednesday 29th September 1.15pm – Paula

Friday 1st October 1.00pm- Dana  

If you are interested in joining us for FREE live classes next week please email and specify which class/s you would like to register for!