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We are continually on the lookout for great talent! If you are interested in taking the next steps in your career we would love to hear from you!



Medical Receptionist

Why Choose BSPC

Internal Professional Development

Monthly topics with the latest and greatest information and techniques.

Career advancement

Move into other roles such as mentoring junior staff, right through to head of department roles and even practice ownership.

Journal Club

Quarterly journal club where we each bring a piece of clinically useful information over lunch “speed dating” style.

Case Conferences

Monthly case presentation in an advanced clinical reasoning format.

Quarterly Goal Setting

90 day check in’s with your mentor to help keep you and your career on track.

Mentoring Program

Small group mentoring programs to guide you through all elements of private practice success. From technical hands on skills, to DISC profiling, these session ensure you learn the best, from the best.

External Professional Development

Our extensive network of experts in their field come to us to share their knowledge over dinner and drinks.

Support Program

Be supported by the practice principal, the practice manager and admin team so you always know you are never on your own.

Advanced Skills

Plaster casting, splinting, joint manipulations, running assessment are just some of specialist skills that you can learn.

Multi-Disciplinary team

Work with and alongside other experts like Podiatrists, Hand Therapists and more.

BSPC Team Photos

Below are some photos of our clinic and the team at BSPC.

Our Mission is Simple

To Help People……… to help people move better, feel better, recover from injury and lead the life they dreamed of.
Its why we became therapists in the first place. We always continue to learn, develop and explore new ways to help more people, more effectively and more efficiently.
14 years later and over 20,033 patients helped, we feel we have only just begun.

Our Values


We love our profession and helping people every day gives us energy. This passion flows over into everything we do, going above and beyond and even into completing the less fun tasks, like keeping notes.


We are proud of our profession and hold ourselves to account to maintain the highest rigour. We feel we deserve the title of healthcare professional and act accordingly. We write letters, we dress like professionals and act like the consummate professional at all times. This doesn’t mean  that we cannot have some fun along the way!

Practice What we Preach

We might not all be elite athletes or yoga instructors, but we want our patients to live full, healthy lives and therefore we deserve to treat ourselves in the same manner. We have an interest in being our best versions of ourselves and take active steps to ensure this occurs.

Constant Improvement

We love learning! We recognize scientific knowledge has a ½ life and we must keep expanding our knowledge and skills to better help our clients. This is not a chore, this is exciting and we embrace change.


For ourselves, for each other, for the patients, for our workplace and our profession. We have no place for big ego’s and a know  it all attitude – we prefer a learn it all attitude. We believe that we are here to serve the patient and the traditional medical model of hierarchy and knowledge silos does not serve each other, or most importantly our patients, with the best outcomes.

Balwyn Sports & Physiotherapy Centre are proud to be awarded the Winner in the 2020 Business xCellence Awards.