As we grow older the aim or goal of our exercise program often turns more towards improving or keeping your balance and enhancing your quality of life.

Here at BSPC our Strength, Balance and Pilates Classes are run by our Osteopaths and Physiotherapists, so that you can feel secure knowing you are provided with a scientifically safe exercise option to offset the negative effects of ageing on your body.

Pilates Group Class Seniors Melbourne

In our tailored Exercise studio, you will work on our specialised Pilates Equipment including trapeze table, reformer and whole-body vibration machines. This equipment is versatile, supportive and offers flexible intensity.

The focus of the classes is on strengthening muscles around the joints to provide good movement for everyday functional activities like:

  • Walking
  • Climbing stairs
  • Gardening
  • Strengthening your postural muscles to hold you upright against gravity, keeping you standing tall and strong.
Pilates for Seniors in Melbourne
Melbourne Seniors Pilates

From the age of 30 our balance starts to slowly decline. We know that falls related to loss of balance is a major factor in permanent reduction in function of the elderly, 1/3 of seniors aged 65 plus and above fall at least once a year. The most effective way to prevent falls and fractures is to support and work on balance regularly and to do strength exercises at least 2 x week to build stronger muscles and bones. We use the whole-body vibration and various other balance training equipment while performing specific balance exercises within the classes.

Our classes are fun and supportive with the small size of 6 people being safely supervised by the physiotherapist. The best exercise is the exercise you enjoy because it is the exercise that will get done.

Unlock the energy and potential you did not know you had, reduce inactive behavior, reduce the feeling of challenge with everyday tasks as you age gracefully and reduce the risk of falls. Join us here at BSPC for Strength, Balance and Pilates Classes.

  • Increase Strength of muscles and bones
  • Increase Balance Ability
  • Increase Flexibility and Range of Motion
  • Increase everyday Functional Ability
  • Safe and Supervised by Physiotherapist
  • Social and Supportive

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