Diagnostic Ultrasound for Foot and Ankle Injuries

Our podiatrist, Ben Du, is trained in diagnostic ultrasound to view structures within the foot and ankle to assist with diagnosis.

Diagnostic Ultrasound imaging provides accurate and immediate diagnoses of foot and ankle injuries. This allows our patients to receive immediate treatment and better treatment outcomes. Diagnostic ultrasound will allow the podiatrist to begin the right treatment plan quickly, to reduce delays.

Using wireless technology, it allows faster diagnosis and reduces the need for an external scan. A major advantage of Point of Care Ultrasound is that the device uses sound waves to produce an image subjecting the patient to zero radiation.

Common pathologies that are well visualised with Ultrasound:

  • Heel pain or plantar fascia issues
  • Forefoot issues such as neuroma’s, bursitis or plantar plate issues
  • Tendon complaints such as Achilles or Tibialis posterior
  • Foreign bodies

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