Do you love cycling, but are uncomfortable on the bike?

Do you want to learn once and for all what the ideal setup is for you?

Modern bicycles have over 20 different adjustment points which allow a nearly unlimited number of riding positions. Ensuring a correct position is vital for avoiding injury and ensuring comfort for long sessions in the saddle.

BSPC offers a comprehensive service for cyclists of all levels in a custom studio with cycling Physiotherapists.

Bike Setups Melbourne
Bike Setups Melbourne

Learn from the best in their field. Andrew Wynd is one of the most experienced bike setup consultant Physiotherapists in Australia and has over 20 years of professional knowledge to share.

Our cycling Physiotherapists and Ostepaths are keen riders themselves, with a combined 25 years of experience in assisting professional cyclists to first timers. They understand what it feels like to be in-tune with your bike and out on the open road.

  • Our method is unique and is unlike anything you will experience at a bike store or other “bike fitters”.
  • We treat every cyclist as an individual and therefore an individual approach is required. No two bike setups will be the same. There is no recipe!
  • We use the Wahoo KickR to provide us with power information and a unique experience

Some bike fitters are experts in feet, some are trained bike mechanics, some base their method on their personal experience. Many have done little more than a weekend course. As Professional Sports Physiotherapists and Osteos who cycle themselves, our practitioners are in a unique position to provide whole body expertise, from fingers to toes and necks to knees.

Appropriate adjustments can be made on-site or referral to an appropriate mechanic, if more complicated changes are required. We have a network of preferred local stores or we are happy with work with your own preferred retailer. If required, a tailored exercise or treatment program is prescribed to ensure the biomechanical aspect is addressed to treat or prevent injury.

  • Please ensure your bicycle is clean, and in good mechanical order
  • Mountain bikes require “slick” tyres to fit onto our stationery trainer
  • Please wear comfortable clothing, knicks and cycling jersey is ideal
    Please call or email the clinic for further information.

NB: As these sessions are provided by a qualified Physiotherapist or Osteopath, sessions may be claimable under private health insurance. PLEASE contact your fund to check prior to claiming.

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