Do you want to Run Easier, Longer, Faster or with Less injuries?

Running is supposed to be easy, comfortable and effortless…is it not? Whilst our ancestors might say so, for most of us it is difficult, jarring and fraught with the risk of injuries. Running is like any other movement activity or sport. There is a large technique component and in many ways, elite running is an art form.

Our running analysis involves a full body assessment with specific running task related tests.

Our running analysis is conducted by our expertly trained Physiotherapists and Podiatrist. Our practitioners have worked with first time runners all the way through to elite International level runners. They all run themselves (and have all been injured too) and understand what it feels like.

All practitioners are capable of using movement analysis software to analyse your unique running style and determine if we can make it more efficient, less injury prone or simply easier.

Call reception to make an appointment and run easier, longer, faster or with less injuries today!

1 hour is usually required and please bring with you, running shoes, comfortable running clothing. You will be required to run on a treadmill, so some past experience with treadmill use is ideal.

Running Analysis Melbourne

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