Movement is not only an important treatment modality for bio-mechanical issues and injuries, but also a gateway for optimising health.

At BSPC we offer Personalised Pilates with only 1:1 or 1:2 clients per session. This provides a more personalised and focused experience for you.

Pilates Class in Melbourne

Movement improves and affects all of our bodies systems from posture, mental health, nervous state, gastro intestinal and endocrine function and breathing.

Movement Solutions here at BSPC is an exercise class that integrates physiotherapy clinical reasoning and rehabilitation exercises together with other forms of movement therapies such as Pilates, JEMS and Applied Movement Neurology.

Why choose 1:2 Personalised Classes?

Our highly trained Pilates therapists will be able to provide the following in your tailored classes

  • Targeted Movement coaching
  • Truely tailored strengthening and rehabilition
  • No waiting around for others in a class environment
  • Faster progress
  • Constant Feedback
  • Claimable by private health



We integrate our skills and approaches to meet the complex and clever demands of the body.

We consider whole body movement patterns and zones, muscular slings, myofascial connections, the nervous system, the effect of gravity, mind body connection and the pillars of health.

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