Melanie Jamali, Senior Physiotherapist

Catherina graduated from La Trobe University with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy, in 1993.

She has extensive experience in sports, musculoskeletal, spinal and orthopaedics rehabilitation, having worked in a diverse range of Physiotherapy settings. Her work has included Chronic Disease Management, running Physiotherapy Strength and Conditioning Programs for Osteoarthritis, Cancer Survivorship and Diabetes Management. As well as Falls Prevention and Balance Programs.

Cath is very passionate about sports and fitness. She leads a very active lifestyle. She loves going to the gym for strength training and indoor/outdoor cycling. She enjoys training and participating in recreational sporting activities such as triathlons, distance cycling events and fun runs. She has participated in the Melbourne Run and Run to G half marathons, 2XU Sprint Series and The Otways Bike Ride. Her next challenge is training for the Amy Gillett Foundation Ride.

In past years Cath has worked with local football and cricket teams and she has a special interest in Gymnastics as both her daughters trained at elite and state level gymnastics. Currently her main interests lies with recreational “weekend warriors” athletes, with shoulder, hips and knee issues. She likes working with children and women who would like to get stronger and fitter. She also has extensive experience in treating neck and back pain.

Being a seasoned recreational athlete, she applies her knowledge of body motion mechanics and functional core rehabilitation to assess and improve postural alignments. For best patient treatment outcome, she strongly believes in patient understanding of their injuries and correct execution of prescribed exercises for effective performance outcome. She strives to correct movement patterns and exercise techniques when treating to enhance overall patient performance, beyond patient’s injuries and their Physiotherapy session.


  • Bachelor of Physiotherapy, La Trobe University 1993
  • G.L.A.D OA Management
  • G.E.M.T Dry Needling
  • DMA Clinical Pilates
  • Science of Cycling
  • Introduction to Oncology

Professional Membership:

Australian Physiotherapy Association