BSPC are now offering physiotherapy telehealth appointments via Zoom video conferencing.

Book online or call us on 03 9836 7000.


Q: Is there a private health insurance rebate or Medicare rebate?

A: Private Health – Possibly. Private Health Funds are currently looking to fast track this. Please check with your individual Private Health Insurance provider.

Medicare – Yes, If you are deemed eligible by your GP.

Q: Can I book online?

A: Absolutely – go to our website, click “book online” and follow the normal steps, choosing “Telehealth” as the consultation type.

Q: How long are consultations?

A: Typically our Physiotherapy Telehealth consultations are between 30 and 45 minutes. 

Q: I am not very good with technology, what do I need?

A: Not a problem! It is really simple- we will send you an email link to a secure video conference that your therapist will host. Just click on the meeting link on either your computer, a phone or an iPad. You will need a device that has a camera and microphone, so either a laptop computer, a desktop computer with a webcam, or just use your smartphone or a tablet.

Q: What should I wear?

A: Like any Physiotherapy consultation – we need to see how you move and the body part affected. For example for a shoulder issue, wearing a singlet top or similar would be helpful so we can easily identify an issue and suggest a treatment regime.

Q: Is this safe?

A: Absolutely – Telehealth and remote Physio consultations have been occurring for many years. Our platforms and software are all secure and safe. All our normal insurance applies. 

Q: Does it actually work?

A: YES – there is a large emerging body of evidence that suggests Telehealth is effective. Of course we would rather get our hands on, but we have personal experience and excellent results using online consultations.

TERMS & CONDITIONS OF BSPC Telehealth consultations

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