Tired, Aching Feet…? Funky toenails? Arch or heel pain?

We have you covered! With an expert Podiatrist as part of our team, we can handle anything related to feet, toes and ankles.

Foot, Ankle and Shin Pain

Podiatrists are experts in assessing and treating foot, ankle and lower limb problems. Our very own Darcy Dore has undertaken extra training in the field of Sports Medicine to accurately diagnose your problem and get you back on your feet as soon as possible! Darcy was voted in the top 3 Podiatrists in Melbourne!

Video Gait and Running Analysis

Video gait analysis is a fantastic tool to assess movement patterns and screen for injury. We do this via a treadmill and video software, so we can get to the bottom of why you run a certain way, or how to improve running technique.

Rehabilitation and Performance Strength Programs

The corner stone of many management plans involve a program to restore functional movement including strength, mobility and balance. Our bespoke, purpose built programs are designed to progressively improve function over time to get you back to where you want to be!

Orthoses (Orthotics)

Foot Orthoses are inner soles which can be inserted into your shoes to help manage loads under specific circumstances. Podiatrists are industry leaders in prescribing, manufacturing and modifying these devices. Where appropriate, foot Orthoses are a beneficial tool and can be used as a short to medium- or long-term treatment.  We can prescribe either off-the-shelf options for custom, 3D scanned and printed options.

General Skin and Nail Care

We are here to help and can manage all routine nail and skin care for those who require these services including diabetic or high-risk populations. This includes the maintenance of skin, nails in a sterile and professional environment.

Problem Toenails and Skin Lesions

Problem “in-grown” toenails, Corn lesions, Warts/Papilloma’s lesions be treated safely in clinic rooms in a sterile setting. There are varying treatment options available for these problem pathologies including cutaneous surgeries if required for long term solutions.

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