Video Source: Channel Nine News

Following the welcome return of sport post COVID, many adolescents have experienced higher incidences of knee pain. See below for BSPC’s top tips for Adolescent Knee Pain:

Tip 1: ‘Listen to the knee’.

If you or your child are getting pain in the knee, then it should be respected. Many conditions in the knee can cause pain, some more serious than others. Most will disappear when managed correctly. However, without proper management, these conditions can linger, particularly in highly active people.

Tip 2: Manage your loads. Adolescence is a time of rapid growth, increasing activity levels, and sports specialisation. As such, the growing knee may not be accustomed to these high cumulative loads. It is okay to mix up your training (swimming for a runner, for example) or reduce your activity for a short period when feeling slight pain or fatigue.

Tip 3: Most importantly – keep active and positive. One common mistake is completely reducing loads for an extended period. This can make you or your child weaker and less accustomed to loads in the longer term. Stay active ANY way that you or your child can when feeling pain, and the knee pain will reduce with appropriate management.

Finally, strength training is a crucial component for any athlete. This includes adolescents. It is a myth that strength training during adolescence stunts growth. When done correctly, it can help the developing athlete increase strength while increasing body awareness.

At BSPC, our practitioners specialise in helping you recover from injury while still partaking in the activities you love! If you or someone you know needs help with their recovery WE CAN HELP!