Neck pain is a common global issue and one that is a large burden on society, the healthcare system and work productivity. Neck pain is ranked 4th of all the conditions in the Global Burden of Disease study – with lower back pain being number 1!

Neck pain is associated with significant disability and is a huge problem we need to address.

In 2021, Arianne Verhagen published an excellent physical therapy review of best practice management of neck pain, from which formed a clinical guide for research backed clinics like Balwyn Sports and Physiotherapy Centre. You can read the review here if you are really interested:

The key takeaway for you however, is the best practice for the vast majority of neck pain involves a combination of manual therapy (joint mobilisation), exercises and education. This is precisely what we do here at BSPC and we hope will give you confidence, that you too can recover from your neck pain quickly and effectively.

With the hybrid work model continuing, we are still seeing a high proportion of patients attend with ergonomic issues related to working from home and less than ideal postural setups. Speaking from experience during the pandemic, if left alone, what starts as postural tension can rapidly become a real pain in the neck.

We know from this research that physical therapy is effective at treating neck pain and our message is simple: we are here to help!

If you need any help with your neck pain, our team of Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, and Massage team all work together to ensure you get the best outcome. Book online or call us to get relief.