Sore hand? Recent hand surgery?

Have you suffered a hand injury on the sporting field, at work, or at home?

We have you covered with our resident hand therapist, Hamish Anderson.

Hamish is an expert in all things hand and wrist. With an extensive career with some of the country’s top hand surgeons and consulting to professional sporting teams like the AFL, you are in the best hands (pun intended).

Our hand therapy services include


Splints are made out of thermoplastic or neoprene, and are custom fitted to ensure they are comfortable and supportive. Splints can be used to rest an inflamed joint, to permit healing of a fracture or sprain, or to protect an injury during sport or work.


Movement is medicine. Our custom exercises are tailored to the specific needs of your injury and are adjusted at every visit.

Wounds/Scar management

Optimal wound care and scar healing is crucial. Combining the latest science backed products and skills ensure the best outcomes for you.

Oedema control

Compression garments, wraps, and massage are important after surgery, but which one is the right one for me? Let us take care of your hand every step of the journey. We have a full range of products and services for your every need.

Nerve Care

We can help with desensitisation of overly painful injuries, acute or chronic pain management, and sensory re-education.


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